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Chilly Ribbons established as a franchise in 2013. The first Los Angeles flagship location opened in February 2014. With over 40 flavors developed and at least 15 flavors availble at a time. At Chilly Ribbons we are committed to using the only freshest and finest ingredients in our snow cream. You can count on us to bring you creamiest snow in our made with dairy flavors and the most refreshing snow in our dairy free flavors.


Stop by our store, and feast your eyes and pallete on our unique creations.

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A delight for your taste buds.

15 snow flavors

43 fresh and dry toppings

Endless combinations!

Where to Find Us

Chilly Ribbons

1135 Westwood Blvd.


Los Angeles, 90024


Phone: 310-270-0926

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